Why are you stuck ?

Why people are not searching efficiently for a job ? Why are some people stuck, even if they want to have a new job ?

You blame the situation, the economy

It is a bad time to search for a job. The economy is low, there is millions of people like you competing for the same jobs.

Dog stuck

Don’t get stuck in your job or during a job-hunt

Sure, much of the broken state of the economy can be blamed on governments, corrupt corporations, etc. However, have you considered, that the way you are conducting your job search may be what’s keeping you from getting a job ? A co-worker once said to me in the midst of trying to find a new employee that “it’s not the economy keeping people from jobs, it’s themselves.”

“Don’t complain about the snow on your neighbour’s roof, when your own doorstep is unclean.” said Confucius. Doesn’t it mean that you shouldn’t blame other people, nor your situation ? Ask yourself how you could improve and reach your goals.
Of course, I am not saying you should blame yourself, there is no use for that. After all, everybody do mistakes, everybody would have reasons to blame themselves. Why doing that ? That would only harden your path, and prevent you to go forward.

In a nutshell,

  • Don’t blame external factors (the situation, the economy, the government,…). What matters is what you do, the actions you undertake to reach your goals.
  • Don’t feel sorry for yourself. But do search solutions !

You are afraid of change

Some people are insecure about a change. They are unhappy about their current situation, but are afraid that if they have a new job, the situation could get worse.

Sometime, some people are content with their current life. After all, not having a job enables to have a lot of free time. Sometime less stress, and they receive in some country an aid from the government, which they think can be sufficient. Keeping a current job is comfortable, they already know everything about it, there is no surprise.
They may have had a bad experience in the past, and they are worried to experience the same thing again.

Staying in the middle of your confort zone is nice. But to go forward in life, you have to sometime push yourself, and undertake actions.

Remember, the grass is always greener on the other side.

You focus on the wrong thing

A brother of a good friend has been unemployed for two years. His life revolves around video games, and losing some weight. It is difficult for him to understand that he can manage to have a job on the top of that. He first wants to lose weight and don’t plan to search for a job within the next 5 months. And he has been already jobless for two years…

Focus. Focus on finding your next job. Let anything else apart. It is urgent. Don’t get distracted by any other goals or task.

You had previous bad experience

I get fired twice in two other previous companies. Hence I wasn’t sure what to do next – I thought to change completely of branch, but didn’t know what I was good at : despite years of experience and a relevant diploma, I failed twice.
So I didn’t have a plan. I wasn’t sure what to do.

I doubted. I idled, stuck by these two failures haunting in my head, and that for one year straight. There were multiple reasons – one is that I didn’t see finding a job as an emergency. The job market wasn’t a good one for me. But I wasn’t trying to find a solution for myself. I didn’t ask myself : “OK, It is a tough situation, a bad time to search for a job. But how can I find one anyway ? What are the different solutions ?”.

Beside, I took too long to see how stuck I was. It is hard to see that you are going on the wrong path. It is also hard to have the courage and the will to go out of it. Really hard.

But keep in mind,. true failure comes only when we give up.

Act now !
  1. By identifying your weakness is a good thing as it will enable you to get rid of your bad habits and improve your state of mind.
  2. Try to identify what are the reasons, state of minds, or even part of your way of life that you could improve or remove to find a job quicker : is there anything listed above in which you could identify yourself ? Is there anything else ?
And you ?
  1. What are the state of mind that have prevented you to get a job faster ?
  2. What are the behaviours or attitude you have identified in your friends or family that have prevented them to search for a job ?
last updated 29 Jan. 2016

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