What if you would take a course ?

Find a job fast : Be active even when you are not searching for a job

You may have finished Uni a long time ago, you should consider taking courses anyway. Why ?

You want to bring your career forward ?

You want to be a team leader and you don’t have any professional experience in that ? Hum… it’s going to be tough. You may know a lot of things in a field, but you aren’t specialized enough.

Should you want to progress in your career or change completely of job, taking a course is a great step toward your goal.

Why wouldn’t you take an evening class to learn new skills, and get a diploma or a certification ? Don’t you think it would help your CV get on the top of the pile ?

You can also go for an online certification. They provide greater flexibility.

Act now !
  1. Search what is the most convenient facilities to provide courses, offline or online.
  2. Subscribe !
And you ?
  • Have you attended any night classes ?
  • What is your way to get new skills to get your CV on the top of the recruiters’ piles ?
last updated 6 Jul. 2013

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