Always read to stay in the mix

Find a job fast : Be active even when you are not searching for a job

Middle-age man reading

Read to improve and broaden your skills

Be aware about what’s going on in your field. What are the latest trends ? The more you read, the better it’ll be !!

In one of my job interviews, I answered questions successfully or added some interesting facts, because I read books about the subjects. It helped me to have my first job in an e-commerce company, just after my graduation.

A trait all the successful people have is that they are curious and keep on learning.

Passion in a field is valued !

Act now !
  1. Find out what books will teach you to get you to the next level
  2. Get these books, read them. It’s an investment for your future !
  3. Same for magazines and blogs !
And you ?
  • What are your ways to broaden your skills and stay up-to-date ?
  • What are the latest books or magazines related to your field you have read ?
  • What online resources do you use to stay in the mix ?
last updated 19 Jul. 2013

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