Why it is important to have your OWN project when you are not searching for a job, and when you are

Find a job fast : Be active even when you are not searching for a job

Have your own project

Experiment. Have your own project. Make.

What are you interested in ? What knowledge is essential in your future job ?

You name it ? You try it !

Maybe your job (or study) don’t cover everything you love, everything you are really keen on. So have your side project. It’s a good way to grow your skills.

Don’t be put off by ifs, buts and maybes ! Do it !

You will easily put these experiences forward when searching for a job !

Explore ! Do !

Act now !
  1. What soft skills, and what hard skills you really need to improve
  2. What project you can utilize these skills in ? – it don’t have to be directly related to your job field, as long as you improve soft or hard skills you want to focus on
  3. What is the first step to do that ? What is the smallest first milestone you can achieve easily ?
    Do it today !!
  4. Take small steps, instead of steps that could be too ambitious
  5. Celebrate each step of your achievement as a victory
And you ?
  • What are the side projects, closely related or not, that you are working on or have achieved ?
  • Which one have you never started ?
  • What are your best pieces of advice about doing side projects ?
last updated 6 Jul. 2013

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