Best ways to enlarge your professional network

Find a job fast : Be active even when you are not searching for a job

Add as many people on professional social site as possible. Ask them to add a recommendation if they have been happy about your work !

Don’t hesitate to help them. Anytime. If they don’t seek for some help, help them all the same : each day, do something altruistic, that will be really worth to the persons you help. It just takes a couple of minutes !!

Don’t hesitate to :

- ask people how you can help them
- give them some advice
- link two people of your network together, in a constructive way : linking people in a helpful way
- send them a link to an event or a recent blog post they might like
- offer to proofread their CV if they are searching for a job

You will help them and at the same time help you. Indeed, you may find some interesting things to write in your CV or ways to write things. You may also find some very interesting CV’s organization : magic pep’s you would like to have in yours !

Proofreading CVs will make you think about yours and improve it.
In the end, do something that is in their interest. Not yours.
If you have helped them often, do you think they will leave you alone if you are in trouble ?

Act now !
  1. Find the top ten people you really care about who work in the same field from you
  2. Find out how you can help them today – Do that on a weekly basis
  3. Offer friends and acquaintances to proofread their CV and cover letter
And you ?
  • How do you enlarge your social network ?
  • What are your special ways and tricks to enlarge it ?
last updated 6 Jul. 2013

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