Do job interviews. Even if you do have a job !!

Find a job fast : Be active even when you are not searching for a job

Remember, the more job interviews you do, the better. So, why wouldn’t you do a couple, even if you have a job !? In that way, you will keep your interview skills up to date, and improve !!

A job interview is always a really big opportunity to learn. To learn about job interview skills. To learn about human nature. To learn about yourself. But also to learn about your field. The employer will often ask you things that you don’t know. Do your home-work and research it on the internet. Next time, you will be better and be able to answer the question if you’re asked !

Before leaving London to go to Australia, I applied for a job in London, just to get job interviews. I get one in a company that was selling concert tickets in a unique way. I went there. I didn’t have the job as I made many job interview mistakes. But I did take notes during the job interview about things to improve. And I did think about what went good and what went bad afterwards. It was a great preparation for my job hunting in Australia !!

last updated 16 Jun. 2013

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