The Cover letter : Your First step to impress

If the resume is important, a well-written, succinct and passionate cover letter / cover email could be in some cases the most important thing. Always include a cover letter. Many recruiters don’t check it. But some won’t consider your CV if you don’t put the effort to include a cover letter. And you can’t afford to lose all those who pay attention to it.

Your enthusiasm for your chosen field or industry could catch the attention of potential employers. I once sent a cover letter in which I wrote “I love what I do, and I do what I love.”, giving examples of my previous completed work. It was a success, and get invited to a job interview.

When written with passion, you will later, continue that passion through the interview process.


Leonardo Di Vinci’s letter to Ludovico il Moro, Duke of Milan – he tried to sell his services, 1482

Just like for CV, there is millions of websites where you can find information, templates, and other resources for cover letters.

Just like your CV, it should be well-written, without mistakes. Do ask people – friends, family, acquaintance working in the same field than you – to review your cover letters, and ask for their feedback. Welcome their feedback, and try to understand them. Change your cover letter accordingly.

Personalise it : each company deserves a slightly different cover letter. It’s your first chance to catch their attention. If you don’t succeed there, it’s over. Highlight your experience or know-how that the recruiter is looking for.

Beside, make sure that you write, inside the body of your cover letter, the name of the company. If you don’t the reader could assume that you have just copy and pasted the same letter to hundred of companies.

In the end, when reading through the cover letter, the recruiter have to understand :

- Why you Love the company ?
- Why you Love this position ?
- Why they will Love you, and your work ?
- Why you are Essential to their company ?

All in all, you want them to want to check your CV !

Act now !

  1. Read your cover letter, and see how clear those questions are answered : why you Love the company ?
  2. Why you Love this position ?
  3. Why they will Love you, and your work ?
  4. Why you are Essential to their company ?
  5. How specific are your cover letters ? How well does it match the job description and or the company needs ?
  6. Send the final result to 2 or 3 of your friends or family and call them so that they can provide direct feedback

And you ?

  1. How specific are your cover letters ?
  2. What do you think the most important is in a cover letter ?
last updated 18 May. 2018

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